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European Commission highlights importance of research collaboration


At the Research Data Alliance (RDA) meeting held in Tokyo, Michael Hager, Head of the Private Office (Cabinet) of European Commissioner Oettinger, the Digital Commissioner made a video address to the Plenary session on 1 March.
In his speech, he emphasized the significant role of high-speed infrastructures in enabling research collaboration and access to data on a pan-European and global basis. Most of the message was about GEANT and how it is supporting European research, but the TEIN project was also briefly but positively mentioned. Although it does not focus on development of co-operation, it gives a very positive message about co-operation between TEIN and GEANT to support research collaboration. "With links to GEANT, the Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN) provides a dedicated high-capacity data communications network for research and education communities across Asia-Pacific. Users have access to the shortest and hence faster possible network routes for the data traffic from and to Europe which significantly improves the performance of many applications."

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