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TNC17 made the art of creative networking


TNC17 made the art of creative networking

(29 May - 2 June 2017, Linz, Austria)

TNC17, the Europe’s largest R&E networking conference, ended on 2 June 2017. With the theme of "The Art of Creative Networking", TNC17 offered more than ever with keynote speakers, parallel sessions, lightning talks, demonstrations, a new student outreach programme and global PR sessions. TNC17 highlighted with 8 plenary talks, 24 sessions, 33 side events and 721 participants from 69 countries.

The TEIN*CC presedent Hye-Joo Yoon and staff, Louis Choi, Patch Lee and Eunjin Hu, attended TNC17 on behalf of TEIN community and Asi@Connect project. The president, Hye-Joo Yoon, had the meeting tables with regional R&E network representatives: Steve Cotter, the CEO of GÉANT in Europe, Askar Kutanov, the CEO of CAREN*CC in Central Asia, and Nicole Fergeson, the CEO of REANNZ in New Zealand. The CEOs exchanged ideas for extending more opportunities for collaborations with Asi@Connect.  Also, there were fruitful discussions for international cooperation among the global organizations, the network building and planning between Asia and Europe, and the development of application activities. Asi@Connect first presentation at the SIG-Marcomms & Global PR Network meeting attracted the attention of the global PR and Communication groups.

For more information about TNC17 : https://tnc17.geant.org/


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