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The 1st Train the Trainer Workshop

“Facilitating Distance Learning Using Digital Conferencing Facility”O When: 23-25 April 2019O Where: Jetwing Blue, Negombo, Sri LankaThe first Train the Trainer Workshop of Asi@Connect WP5 Project “Facilitating Distance Learning using Digital Conferencing Facility”  will be hosted by Lanka Education and Research Network (LEARN) in Sri Lanka. The project is being implemented by the Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) in collaboration with NORDUnet, Denmark.The project is aimed at deploying a Digital Conferencing Platform for enhancement of collaboration, distance learning and knowledge sharing that will connect faculties, students, researchers, experts and resources from anyone, to anywhere. Deploying the platform within the TEIN itself locally will provide optimal performance and minimize dependency on resources in Europe or the US.Beneficiary countries Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand will attend the workshop. Resource persons from NORDUnet, Denmark will attend the workshop for appraising the technical design and hardware, software, technical features of the distance learning system and also provide hands-on training on the system.For more information, visit at contact Dinesh Gunawardena (

2019-04-23 ~ 2019-04-25
The 3rd Vietnam Telemedicine Workshop

ㅇ When: Thursday, April 25, 2019 ㅇ Where: Hanoi Medical University, International Hall, Vietnamㅇ Organizers: Hanoi Medical University,      Agency for Science and Technology Information (NASATI),     Vietnam Research and Education Network (VinaREN),     Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC)Hanoi Medical University is hosting the 3rd Vietnam Telemedicine Workshop in Hanoi. Medical doctors, co-medicals, telemedicine engineers, and also people interested in telemedicine activity in Vietnam are invited to attend.The purpose of this event is to expand the activities across Vietnam, including remote and rural areas. Participants are expected to share the problems they have in telemedicine activity, also to share ideas and plans of telemedicine in Vietnam.For more information, contact Ms. Ryoko Yoshida (

2019-04-25 ~ 2019-04-25
perfSONAR Training Workshop, Vientiane, Laos (3-6 Mar. 2019)

ㅇ When: March 6-8, 2019  ㅇ Where: National University of Laos, Vientiane, Laos  ㅇ Organizers: International Networks at Indiana University (IN@IU),                         Laos Education and Research Network (LERNET)     About  The Asi@Connect project and International Networks at Indiana University are hosting a three-day perfSONAR training workshop 6-8 March 2019 at the National University of Laos in Vientiane, Laos. Participants from NRENs in Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are invited to attend.  Workshop  This workshop is designed for engineers and system staffs working at Universities, academic networks and R&E networks involved in network monitoring and management and troubleshooting. The workshop will provide each attendee with a perfSONAR node, an overview of the perfSONAR toolkit, a hands-on experience installing and using it, and an introduction to interpreting output and troubleshooting any observed network issues.   Upon completion of the workshop, attendees will be able to:o   Install a perfSONAR node (all attendees will be given a node to take home with them).  o   Run a standard perfSONAR measurement mesh and participate in the measurement meshes of other groups as needed.  o   Understand how perfSONAR can detect hard and soft failures in the network.   o   Identify steps to resolve hard and soft failures as identified in the measurement meshes.  o   Use the slides and contact points made available to them to assist in  training at the local level.

2019-03-06 ~ 2019-03-08
The 5th Asi@Connect Meeting in Daejeon, Korea

The 5th Asi@Connect Meeting will take place in Daejeon, S.Korea from 18  to 21 February 2019. The meetings will be consisted with the 5th Asi@Connect Governors and Project Meeting, the 37th Steering Commttee Meeting and Partners' Bilateral Meeting. Also Asi@Connect and APAN will offer the Joint Opening Reception on 19 Feb (Tuesday) for networking. When & Where18 (Mon) - 21 (Thu) February 2019Venue: Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, S.Korea18 February (Monday)14:30~17:30  Asi@Connect Steering Committee Meeting (SC members only)19 February (Tuesday) 09:00~12:30  The 5th Asi@Connect Governors' Meeting (Closed, GM only)13:30~17:00  The 5th Asi@Connect Project Meeting (Open)Asi@Connect Activity Report- Broadband for Nepal (ICT4D)- Eduroam (AARNET)- Tele-medicine (TEMDEC)- LandSage (University of Hawaii)- Soundscape (Academia Sinica)- Nuclear Medicine (SNUH)- Master course of cyber-security (LEARN)- CSIRT (GEANT)18:00~19:30  Joint Opening Reception by Asi@Connect and APAN20-21 February (Wednesday-Thursday)09:00~17:30  Asi@Connect Partners' Bilateral Meeting * Bilateral meeting schedule will be informed to each partner later Asi@Connect meeting will be held in conjunction with APAN47 Meeting that supports the meeting venues and logistics.The logistics and travel information can be found at APAN47 website : For more information about Asi@Connect meeting, please contact Ms. Eunjin HU(Tel: +82-2-3153-7343/ email:   

2019-02-18 ~ 2019-02-21
2nd OF@TEIN+ International Collaboration Conference and Workshop 2019

  Theme: Building and operating Open and Federated Future Internet (SDN/NFV/Cloud-integrated) Testbed   ㅇ Dates: 21st -24th Jan 2019 ㅇ Venue: Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ㅇ Organizers:  Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ㅇ Estimated Participants: 48 International + 7 Local   ㅇ Purpose of this meeting:    To share the advancement in SDN/NFV/Cloud   To report and monitor the progress of the project from each collaborator   To provide two training sessions during the workshop:         a.  Training 1: Utilizing shared DataLake for all members         b.  Training 2: Installing MicroX Box and Playing with SmartX Box         c.  Show cases by players and student fellows   To plan the coming 2019 activities   ㅇ Expected outcome:   1.  Participants will be able to install MicroX box and play with SmartX box.   2.  All collaboration parties will be able to utilized the shared DataLake.     3.  Participants will have a clear picture on 2019 activity and tasks to be completed   4.  Ambassadors, student fellows and players can work closely in the coming years  

2019-01-21 ~ 2019-01-24
IoTcloudServe@TEIN Collaboration Workshop

 IOTCLOUDSERVE@TEIN COLLABORATION WORKSHOPS“SMART AGRICULTURE AND COMMUNITIES FOR LAOS NETPIE” When: 12th – 15th December 2018 Where: Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, National Unitersity of Laos (NUOL) IoTcloudServe@TEIN Workshops 1 at NUOL in Laos is a training workshop which aims to introduce our participating members at NUOL to learn  basics in accessing the developed IoTcloudServe@TEIN platform. Brainstorming of how to implement IoT-cloud service applications (Smart-Agriculture@NUOL) of their local interests can be carried out in Workshop 1.To implement IoT-cloud service applications (Smart-Agriculture@NUOL), for the software part, NECTEC (Thailand) will be used to support necessarily secured device registration, management, as well as a public data storage access means. In addition to NETPIE, we plan to use the KAFKA framework.     

2018-12-12 ~ 2018-12-15
Pakistan Launch of Asi@Connect Project

Pakistan Launch of Asi@Connect Project  When: 6 December 2018 Where: Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan  Asi@Connect local launch is a major milestone for PERN, as TEIN connectivity is the core link used for R&E purposes by PERN partner  universities. We are planning to project the R&E activities in front of the Government officials as well as whole academia linked with PERN. The launch event may hive officials from European Commission in Pakistan along with Chairman Higher Education Commission, Pakistan and Minister for Higher Education in Pakistan. The event aims to provide all interested stakeholders with a key opportunity to present, share, meet and discuss on:  •          Recent research and development applications/results on RENs  •          Experiences and learned lessons in research and education with the other members  •          New ideas of applications on research and education networks  •          Future development of advanced research and education networks in Pakistan  •          Collaborations with international initiatives among the TEIN-connected participating institutes  About PERN Pakistan Education & Research Network is the only Research and Education Network of the country established and administered by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The PERN project was initiated under the concept of Educational Intranet in 2002 under the Government of Pakistan, IT Action Plan which afterwards evolved as PERN2. PERN provides various services to the education and research institutes in Pakistan, that include Internet, Intranet, digital library, video conferencing facility, and unified communication, cloud computing, management information system, business intelligence solution as well as International R&E connectivity to the member universities. PERN has taken and intends on taking more such initiatives to ensure high quality services reach all institutes who are forward looking to leapfrog in the information age using PERN as its springboard.    

2018-12-06 ~ 2018-12-06
Campus Network Design and Security Workshop, Islamabad, Pakistan

Campus Network Design and Security Workshop, Islamabad, Pakistan   When: December 3 – 7, 2018 Where: PERN Secretariat, Higher Education Commission, Sector H9, Islamabad, Pakistan Organizer: Pakistan Education & Research Network The Campus Network Design & Security Workshop supported by Asi@Connect will be held on December 3 – 7, 2018 in Islamabad, Pakistan organized by Pakistan Education & Research Network. This workshop is designed for engineers and system staffs working at Universities, academic networks and R&E networks especially involved with system management, network monitoring and management and troubleshooting. The course is for those who need to manage diverse Network and NOC operations. This course is designed on diverse Campus Network Design principles and configuration of operating tools to support management and monitoring of Campus-wide network services including handling of R&E services, Service provider issues and corporate networks parameters. The Workshop will establish a chance of better collaboration with Asian Countries. During the workshop period, PERN will officially inaugurate the Asi@Connect project in Pakistan inviting officials from the European Commission in Pakistan, the chairman of the Higher Education Commission, Minister for Higher Education and PERN community. For registration and programme: Streaming:    

2018-12-03 ~ 2018-12-07
The 3rd TEIN - CAREN Collaboration workshop

The 3rd TEIN - CAREN Collaboration workshop The 3rd TEIN - Central Asian Research and Education Network (CAREN) collaboration workshop will take place on 27-28 November 2018 at Stanford Hotel, Seoul, Republic of Korea. TEIN-CAREN workshop has been conducted with sharing progress and developing common interest for further collaboration on R&E network.  This workshop particularly focuses on pursuing practical collaboration on ‘environmental issues’ and ‘Distance Learning & IoT’ with experts between two regions.  When & Where- 27th (Tuesday) – 28th (Wednesday) November 2018- Venue: Stanford Hotel, Seoul, Republic of Korea To see the detailed workshop program, please find the 2nd page of attachment. For more information about the workshop, please contact Mr. June Lee (Tel: +82-2-3153-7354/ email:   

2018-11-27 ~ 2018-11-28
SecureAsi@ v2.0 workshop, Malaysia

SecurAsi@v2.0Advanced Security Training Workshop  Events Period: 11-15 Dec 2018  Venue: Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang, Malaysia  Organizer: Universiti Sains Malaysia  The SecureAsi@ v2.0 workshop, supported by Asi@Connect, will be held on 11-15 December 2018 in Penang, Malaysia, organized by Universiti Sains Malaysia. This workshop is aimed at bringing Asi@Connect partners’ network engineers and security administrators to the level qualified for the operation & management of network for their NRENs and therefore  promote international collaborations as well as Asi@Connect applications. For more inforamtion about the workshop:   About SecureAsi@v2.0 This workshop is the continuity of the previous workshop that was conducted on October 2017.  This time, the proposed workshop provides advanced and more practical training for the participants. More specifically, more advanced security tools will be shared as well as tips and steps on how to patch systems that are identified to be vulnerable in the network. USM and MYREN will provide two of its security experts and will engage with University of Hamburg (UH), Germany to invite  another expert in the field of Cyber Security to conduct the proposed workshop which will run over five (5) days. The plan for the workshop is jointly developed by USM, MYREN, and UH.       

2018-12-11 ~ 2018-12-15