TEIN provides advanced connectivity for researchers, academics and students across Asia-Pacific
allowing them to engage in global collaborative research and education projects.

With powerful network links in place, scientists across Asia-Pacific are participating in world-class research projects in areas
such as radio-astronomy, tele-medicine, climatology, crop research etc. TEIN enables regional scientists to respond to global
challenges, such as food sustainability and climate change, while addressing local concerns.

Advanced connectivity also supports cost-effective and time-saving e-learning initiatives, making education more flexible and
accessible across the region.

Many of the applications supported by TEIN are of high societal impact, thus bringing tangible benefits to the general
population rather than solely serving the scientific community.

About TEIN

TEIN provides a dedicated high-capacity network for research and education (R&E) communities across the Asia-Pacific region. By accessing the network through their respective national research and education networks (NRENs) that are partners in the programme, scientists and academics are able to collaborate and engage in innovative, data-intensive international projects. With its links to Europe (GÉANT, the pan-European R&E network), TEIN provides access to over 100 million users at more than 25,000 research and education establishments across Asia and Europe. With its connection to networks in other regions around the world, TEIN serves as a gateway for Asian researchers to be truly global players.

Now TEIN is available under the Asi@Connect project which is the successor project to TEIN4, the most recent phase of the TEIN initiative. The European Union is contributing over €50 million covering almost 50% of total project costs, with the remaining funds being provided by the Asian partners. The Asi@Connect project was launched in September 2016 for a duration of 60 months.

One Sentence Description

TEIN is a regional internet network serving the research and education communities across Asian-Pacific and offering direct connectivity to the pan-European
GÉANT network.

Single line Description

TEIN – the research and education network for Asia-Pacific

TEIN success stories

Thanks to TEIN, students are benefiting from better internet access, researchers from increased speed and capacity, which enables exchanging big amounts of data and makes international research collaboration possible.

TEIN4’s applications include supporting disaster-warning systems, tele-medicine, e-learning, crop research, Earth-observation and radio astronomy, to name but a few.
For example, doctors in Vietnam are able to provide surgery with the remote consultation of Australian experts (telemedecine), the Philippines meteorologists to predict
the typhoons with the help of German scientists (meteorology predictions) and a number of students to receive international knowledge usinge-learning. TEIN success
stories are presented within the case studies.