Welcome message from
the President of TEIN*Cooperation Center

Today, Asia and the rest of the world are facing challenges including bridging the digital divide between regions
and/or countries and achieving co-prosperity. In addition, there are many issues to be solved in front of us such
as environment, medical care, education, food shortage and global warming for a better future.

TEIN*CC was established in Korea in August 2011, as a non-for-profit organization. We have been playing an
important role in solving critical global issues under the Trans-Eurasia Information Network(TEIN) project with a
focus on building network infrastructure and tapping into new ICT technologies. With the endorsement of the
3rd ASEM Summit in 2000, the TEIN initiative was launched in 2001 by linking French and Korean research &
education networks. Over the years, the number of participating countries and institutions has steadily
increased, and as of 2017, there are 24 countries/economies, 27 organization from Asia-Pacific region including Korea, Japan,
China, Australia and Vietnam. Under the TEIN project, the international collaborative researches have been
actively conducted in various areas such as future Internet technology, telemedicine, climate change response,
cultural performance, and agricultural research. As of these activities, the TEIN project has successfully grown
into one of the most successful projects among the ASEM’s project. TEIN*CC has successfully promoted the
TEIN4 project for the last five years(2012 ~ 2016), and this successful project expanded to Asi@Connect Project
until 2021. The Asi@Connect project will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to address
global issues, and strengthen the support for developing countries for bridging digital divide.
Also we will
actively We will actively support activities using new ICT technologies such as such as big data, IOT, cloud, and
eduroam for developing new research fields. These research and application activities will help to improving
the quality of our lives and contributing to social benefits.

We, TEIN*CC, will put our best efforts to reinforce the activities of TEIN partners and to systemize our global
cooperation with other region's R&E networks, and thereby contribute to the co-prosperity of Eurasia.
We will move forward for the intelligent information society, led by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Thank you very much.

TEIN*Cooperation Center President