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Workshop on Wireless Network and Security Management

Date: 05 - 08 October 2018  Venue: Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU), Dumki, Patuakhali-8602, Bangladesh.     Asi@Connect supported Workshop on Wireless Network and Security Management will be held on 05 - 08 October 2018 at Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU), Patuakhali, Bangladesh. This workshop is targeted at preparing the network engineers for implementation of wireless network and ensure the security in their respective network. The participant must be an Network/IT Engineer, currently working preferably in campus network or in equivalent position in NREN or it’s member institution/University. The participants will  receive comprehensive knowledge to provide security and manage their wireless network from this workshop. The workshop will be held on among 38 participants from 14 Asi@Connect beneficiary countries. The following Asi@Connect partner countries/NRENs are eligible for nominate ONE participant, who will receive a financial support from Asi@Connect, to attend this workshop at PSTU, Patuakhali, Bangladesh.  Afghanistan (AF)  Cambodia (KH)  Laos (LA)  Nepal (NP)  Thailand (TH)  Bangladesh (BD)  India (IN)  Mongolia (MN)  Philippines (PH)  Vietnam (VN)  Bhutan (BT)  Indonesia (ID)  Myanmar (MM)  Sri Lanka (LK)     Detail of the workshop is available at call for nomination is opened. The above Asi@Connect partner countries/NRENs are requested to send the name and CV of ONE nominated participant to  by extended date 10th September 2018. The Nominated participant shall also register at   

2018-10-05 ~ 2018-10-08
Call for Papers: ASEM Education in a digital world

Call for PapersThe German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has issued a call for papers for the conference ‘ASEM Education in a digital world: bridging the continents - connecting the people?’ in Cologne, Germany, 20th – 21st November 2018.Background:The ASEM Education Process constitutes one pillar under the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM); an informal intergovernmental forum for dialogue and exchange. During their last conference in 2017, ASEM Ministers of Education adopted the Seoul Declaration which has declared people-to-people connectivity as a key element of cooperation for the next decade. In addition, ASEM societies are moving forward as Industry 4.0 implies new chances and challenges for education, skills and employability. Hence, the conference reflects the ASEM Education priorities in the digital era. It tackles questions on how ASEM countries can learn from one another and how key instruments can be used for realizing the common vision of tangible and practical cooperation in a digital world.Therefore, DAAD invite proposals for papers pertaining the following topics:1)    Boosting exchange: balancing mobility between Asia and Europe through digital formats?2)    ASEM’s diversity: fostering intercultural connectivity and understanding in a digital way3)    Educational cooperation through virtual learning and blended formats: how to assure its quality?4)    Industry 4.0: new challenges for skills and competences of young students and graduatesSelected candidates receive free accommodation for the duration of the conference and travel subsidies related to the seat of the home institution. Additionally, a 500€ lump sum is awarded for each selected paper. The papers will be presented during a workshop session at the conference and published in a conference publication. Selected candidates receive free accommodation for the duration of the conference and travel subsidies related to the seat of the home institution. Additionally, a 500€ lump sum is awarded for each selected paper. The papers will  presented during a workshop session at the conference and published in a conference publication.DAAD encourages young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) of all academic fields and with an interest in Asian-European cooperation in the field of education to send their abstract (min. 400/max. 800 words) and their CV to Martin Schifferings ( by September 15th, 2018. Kindly find the Call for papers attached to this page. Further information on the conference and the Call for Papers is on the DAAD webpage.

2018-09-15 ~ 2018-09-15
Call for Papers ICCA 2019

 17th International Conference on Computer Applications 2019February 27 - March 1, 2019, Novotel Hotel, Yangon, MyanmarThe 17th International Conference on Computer Applications (ICCA 2019) will be organized by University of Computer Studies, Yangon under Ministry of Education, Myanmar and co-organized by Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan. ICCA 2019 provides a forum for the presentation of technological advances and current research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental and applied computing and technologies.ICCA 2019, the 17th in the series that has been held annually since 2003, will bring together leading engineers and scientists in computer and information technology from around the world.The conference offers an excellent opportunity to learn and share the latest developments to interact with leading experts in the field. ICCA 2019 will aim to strengthen the research laboratories and universities.Workshop SessionThe following workshops were held together with ICCA 2019 :Workshop on Natural Language and Speech ProcessingWorkshop on Geographic Information System and Image ProcessingWorkshop on Network Security  Call for Papers  Original papers on all aspects of computer application are solicited for submission to the conference. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to.The conference will cover the following Topics :- Internet of Things- Network Security and Cryptography- Network Function Virtualization- Software Defined Network- Advanced Wireless Communication- Parallel and Distributed Computing- Cluster and Grid Computing- Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing- Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence- Numerical Analysis- Modeling and Simulation- Natural Language and Speech Processing- Geographic Information System- Embedded System- Big Data and Cloud Computing- Software Engineering- Semantic Web and Web Services- Image Processing and Image Understanding- Digital Signal Processing- Data Mining and Machine Learning- Intelligent Databases and Information Retrieval- Database Technology and Data Warehousing Please visit the conference website here: Important DatesSubmission Deadline: 31st October, 2018Acceptance Notification: 22nd November, 2018Camera Ready Due: 13th December, 2018Registration Fees Foreign Participants: USD 200Local Participants: 75,000 Kyats For any information or requests, please contact the conference secretariat,University of Computer Studies,Yangon, Myanmar.Email:, icca.ucsy@gmail.comWeb:

2018-10-31 ~ 2018-10-31
Master of Cybersecurity

Master of Cybersecurity University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) and Asi@Connect offer distance International Master Program in Cybersecurity which overs the knowledge of Network Security and cyber-crime investigation.  I offers postgraduate qualifications for staff members of National Research and Education Networks(NRENs) and developing country universities in the domain of network security and digital forensics. Registration now open until 31 July 2018     

2018-07-31 ~ 2018-07-31
The 4th Asi@Connect Meeting in Auckland

The 4th Asi@Connect Meeting will take place on the week of 5 to 8 August, 2018 at Grand Millennium Auckland, New Zealand. The meetings will be consisted with the 4th Asi@Connect Governors and Project Meeting, the 29th Steering Commttee Meeting and Partners' Bilateral Meeting. Also Asi@Connect and APAN will offer the Joint Opening Reception on 6 August (Monday) for networking. When & Where5 (Sun) - 8 (Thu) August 2018Venue: Grand Millennium Auckland, New Zealand5 August (Sunday)14:00~18:00  Asi@Connect Steering Committee Meeting (SC members only)6 August (Monday) 09:00~10:30  The 4th Asi@Connect Governors' Meeting (Closed, GM only)11:00~17:30  The 4th Asi@Connect Project Meeting (Open)18:00~19:30  Joint Opening Reception by APAN and Asi@Connect7-8 August (Tuesday-Wednesday)09:00~17:30  Asi@Connect Partners' Bilateral Meeting * Bilateral meeting schedule will be informed to each partner laterAsi@Connect supporting programs during APAN46Eduroam Workshop (5-6 Aug)OF@TEIN+ (5 Aug)Cyber Performance (6 & 8 Aug)CSIRT Training (5-6 Aug)Telemedicine (5-9 Aug)Master Class on Disaster Mitigation (8-9 Aug)Asi@Connect meeting will be held in conjunction with APAN46 Meeting that supports the meeting venues and logistics.The logistics and travel information can be found at APAN46 website : For more information about Asi@Connect meeting, please contact Ms. Eunjin HU(Tel: +82-2-3153-7343/ email: 

2018-08-05 ~ 2018-08-08
Call for Proposals Internet2 Summit

 Internet2’s 2019 Global Summit is a community forum for our members and partners from around the world to participate in unprecedented collaboration to discuss today’s needs, challenges and solutions across all Research and Education.Over the past two years, the Internet2 community has focused on important advances in networking infrastructure, trust and identity, and integrated cloud services – all supporting a general environment of seamless global collaboration for scholarship. Hardware and software tools continue to blossom with increasing frequency and impact, along with rapidly expanding digitally-driven opportunities for research, scholarship and creative endeavors. However, each tool tends to be “local” – observation, measurement and sensing nodes, computational engines, visualization tools, data storage nodes – and many involve deep technical knowledge to use. So networked data flows and integrated storage, processing and workflow tools that hide the technical complexity and allow scholars to focus on their art or science remain key to the overall utility of the burgeoning big-data environment. The 2019 Global Summit will highlight progress and innovation in these key domains.Please note the significant schedule shift! Program sessions begin on Wednesday, March 6 and end on Friday, March 8. View the Draft General Schedule (subject to change.) Call for Proposals and TracksThree track areas are being proposed for the 2019 Global Summit including Advanced Networking, Trust and Identity, and Integrated Solutions for Research, Scholarship and Creativity.  Submissions are due August 14. The program committee will make final determinations of accepted proposals that fit within the guidelines and definitions below. In addition to the Call for Proposals which highlights tracks that will help organize your submissions and guide conference attendees, the Global Summit program committee seeks innovative updates, lightning talks, case studies and future visioning incorporating all components of the planned next generation network infrastructure upgrade, modernized trust and identity tools, and integrated technological environments for supporting research and scholarship. Learn more here. Advanced NetworkingSuccessful submissions will focus on network innovation, ecosystem-wide collaborations, trusted infrastructure and foundations for the future like automation and infrastructure sharing. Submissions should highlight business & workflow innovation, research support programs, security, and technology implementations in advanced networking.  This includes building ecosystem collaborations for delivering research and academic services collaborations across local, national and global advanced networks.  Trust and IdentityThe trust and identity track will focus on identity and access management (IAM), including identity federation, security, and a range of other identity-related topics. We encourage submissions that incorporate case studies, as well as individual or panel discussions on problems and solutions in such areas as:·        Policy and policy development·        Software advances and adoption (such as the Internet2/InCommon containerized versions of open-source products)·        Successful IAM implementation strategies·        Successful adoption and deployment strategies involving use of the InCommon Federation and federated identity management·        The use of federation and identity management strategies to support researchers and participation in virtual organizations·        Security topics such as incident handling, malware challenges, securing cloud-based services, and the unique challenges of network security at very high speeds.As you consider your proposal, please keep in mind that the Global Summit tends to attract CIOs, CTOs, Directors and other managers (as opposed to practitioners). Integrated Solutions for Research, Scholarship and Creativity – Global and NationalSuccessful submissions will highlight research and scholarship examples illustrating innovative uses of technology to support national and global-scale collaborations, solving challenges and barriers to success common to distributed, collaborative, or big-data work. Successful submissions will highlight the work of scientific researchers across campuses, virtual organizations, and national and commercial facilities, data resources and cloud services, and bring to the forefront initiatives that use technology to solve common challenges in areas such as big data and analytics. SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL BY AUGUST 14 

2019-03-05 ~ 2019-03-08
Webinar: Signing Metadata and Discovery

Webinar: Signing Metadata and DiscoveryTuesday 24 July This is the final federation webinar leading up to APAN46 in Auckland New Zealand. This webinar will cover the last two technical components required to get a basic Identity Federation up and running. That is:·  signing federation Metadata to provide the technical trust in the federation·  a central discovery service, a place where users select their organisation.Register: Signing Metadata and DiscoveryDate: Tuesday 24 JulyTime: 2PM AEST see link for your local time: Zoom Webinar - FreeA recording of the webinar will be made available on the Australian Access Federation's YouTube channel.  See you all at APAN46, Auckland New Zealand.  Supported by: The webinar is brought to you by the Backfire Project an Asi@connect project and supported by the APAN Identity and Access Management Task Force.  REGISTER TODAY 

2018-07-24 ~ 2018-07-24
Nuclear Medicien Workshop

Nuclear Medicine Workshop - Multidisciplinary Team Approach in Cancer Treatment -  · When: 9-13 July 2018 · Where: Cancer Research Institute, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea  The Nuclear Medicine workshop will be held in Seoul National University, Korea, on 9-13 July 2018 under the subject of Multidisciplinary Team Approach in Cancer Treatment. The Nuclear Medicine project is aims to enhance knowledge and performance of the nuclear medical society in Asia region with imaging of the new instrument of PET/CT or single Photon emission computed tomography(SPECT). They can adapt themselves to do the state-of-art therapy and imaging, they need to have experiences in an appropriate environment and get connected with the rapidly-evolving disciplines of their own, nuclear medicine. The medical doctors from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mongolia will have opportunity share the advanced radio therapy and treatment practice as well as using the TEIN network for collaborations.   About Nuclear Medicine Project This project is one of the awarded activities through the Asi@Connect 2ndCall for proposals. The nuclear medicine project follows three objectives: - To organize on-site workshop for re-education of the opinion leaders of each country’s nuclear medicine society  - To learn from network experts/ engineers and scientists how to construct the hub and spoke giga-network to share and exchange the real-time     co-experiences of nuclear medicine and related sciences - To build international communication channel, while they are doing RCA (regional cooperative agreement) workshop of IAEA (International Atomic     Energy Agency), these workshops are open to the Asian countries, and expand the learning opportunities to the next-generation leaders of the     neighboring countries   

2018-07-09 ~ 2018-07-13
Promoting OF@TEIN+ at Laos (NUOL)

Promoting OF@TEIN+ Project and Knowledge Sharing at the National University of Laos (NUOL) Lao People's Democratic RepublicDate: 2 July – 4 July 2018Venue: Faculty of Engineering, National University of Laos (NUOL), Lao People's Democratic RepublicContact person: Dr Somephone Kanthavong, Dean, FE, NUOL OF@TEIN+ ambassadors, Professor Dr JongWon Kim, Professor Dr Chu-Sing Yang and Professor Dr Chaodit Aswakul and team will be sharing about OF@TEIN+ project which is sponsored by Asi@Connect and their involvement in this project. Prof Chaodit and his team will be conducting a series of SDN training to the networking research community in Laos. Prof Kim and Prof Yang will be sharing on Convergence to SDI and Security Technology Evolution. A few discussion sessions with the local research community  (Research students and Lecturers) will also be carried out to seek for the possibility of research collaboration. 

2018-07-02 ~ 2018-07-04
Promoting OF@TEIN+ at Myanmar (UCSY)

Promoting OF@TEIN+ Project and Knowledge Sharing at the University of Computer Studies Yangon MyanmarDate: 11 July – 13 July 2018Venue: University of Computer Studies Yangon, MyanmarContact person: Dr Mie Mie Thet Thwin, Rector UCSY OF@TEIN+ ambassadors, Professor Dr JongWon Kim and Professor Dr Chu-Sing Yang will be sharing the OF@TEIN+ project which is sponsored by Asi@Connect and their involvement in this project. Besides, Prof Yang will also be sharing his experience in developing REN and Prof Kim will be sharing his experience in developing university cloud environment to the research community in Myanmar. A few discussion sessions with the local research community (Research students and Lecturers) will also be carried out to seek for the possibility of research collaboration.

2018-07-11 ~ 2018-07-13