Spreading best surgical practice across Asia-Pacific

Communications technologies have radically transformed the healthcare industry in the Asian region
with advanced remote diagnosis and enhanced international collaboration.
TEIN assists trainee surgeons throughout Asia-Pacific to adopt complex clinical techniques, such as
endoscopic surgery, by supporting interactive tele-surgical training. Advanced connectivity permits
high-quality streaming of a live surgery event in near-real time from an operating theatre to a remote
classroom. This facilitates the spread and scale-up of best practices, benefiting physicians and
surgeons in developing countries and saving many precious lives.
Telemedicine allows surgical professionals to learn complex clinical techniques from the best global
experts through interactive remote trainings.

Collaboration between doctors and engineers

Recent advances in medical technology require closer cooperation than ever between doctors and network engineers in hospitals. By offering good technical training and
workshops for engineers in hospitals, patients will ultimately benefit from medical standardization with better healthcare services.

Moreover, building a strong social network between medical professionals and engineers lays a firm foundation for further development and collaboration in serving
society with better medical services.

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