Research collaboration to combat and prevent global disease

Over the past years, the international community has seen the rapidly growing global epidemic
of infectious diseases such as Dengue fever and Ebola, posing a serious threat to the health of the
whole mankind. While this might be primarily a result of increased global mobility, building a global
medical network to share information to treat, manage and combat infectious diseases emerges as
an urgent global issue.

The TEIN has been contributing to the improvement of global public health by promoting joint
workshops between medical communities to allow clinicians from different countries to better
collaborate and to deepen the understanding of various cases in different regions as well as to share
expertise on national disease control strategies. Furthermore, TEIN provides remote participation to
reach out to broader audience and to support high quality image or file sharing for in-depth studies
and case discussion. Discussions are underway to help develop a digital platform of data exchange and a regional outbreak prediction model.

Dengue Fever Community in Asia

Relevant materials for activities in Health and Disease

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[Case Study] Power of Connectivity : Nuclear Medicine (2019.02) 2019-10-08
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