Earth and Ocean Observation

As globalization has made the world smaller, climate information is becoming an increasingly
important element in social and economic decision making. Although the long-term impact of
global warming on climate is still being debated, increased climate variability and extreme
weather events are posing real threats to human security, specifically in the Asia-Pacific region
where the capability to predict and prevent these events is relatively insufficient due to poor
technical infrastructure.

With its high-speed information network connections, TEIN, revolutionises climate and
weather prediction by facilitating cloud computing system and real-time data exchange.
This allows climate prediction at the local level without the need for expensive computing
resources on the ground. By promoting various application activities in earth and ocean
observation, people in remote rural areas can also benefit from high resolution regional
climate prediction systems which provides faster and more accurate forecasts at minimal cost.

Relevant materials for activities in Earth and Ocean Observation

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