Dedicated high-capacity networks to serve research and education communities, such as TEIN in Asia-Pacific,
are essential to underpin global collaboration among scientists and researchers,
enabling the sharing of petabytes of data created during scientific experiments, and allowing physicists to
work together, regardless of their location. TEIN facilitates collaborative research in a diverse range of
subjects in natural science: Particle Physics like as Large Hadron Collider (LHC), Nuclear Fusion Science (NIFS),
Crystal structures, Computational lenses, and Grid computing.

Relevant materials of activities in e-Science

Case Study
Image Subject Download Date
Particle Physics - Global collaboration to find the God Particle 2018-03-05
[Case Study] Particle Physics(2017.10) 2018-03-05
Image Subject Download Date
[Poster] Hunts the God Paticle 2018-03-05