Although TEIN was originally established as a gateway for collaboration among scientists and
academic institutions, its advanced connectivity can also serve as a sound basis for fostering an
entirely new way of collaborations in a wide variety of cultural projects – building bridges between
different cultures.

For instance, cyber-performance has become a reality, thanks to some sophisticated software,
systematic co-ordination and through interconnected high-capacity information networks such as

Furthermore, e-Culture is already adopted across a wide range of cultural applications:

  • Saving fragile cultural artefacts by digitising and archiving for future retrieval
  • Conserving heritage with digital archives and repositories
  • Providing accessible online resources – e-libraries and e-museums
  • Creating entirely new forms of media
  • Disseminating best-practice digitisation strategies

Relevant materials for activities in e-Culture

Case Study
Image Subject Download Date
[Case Study] Cultural collaboration: Dancing around the World 2018-03-05
[Case Study] Cyber Performance (2019.02) 2019-10-07
Image Subject Download Date
[Poster] Dancing around the World 2018-03-05