As Information Technology works as a catalyst for many dramatic developments,
there have been several initiatives to explore the next generation of networks, known as
Future Internet, to meet the ever growing and diverse needs of users. TEIN supports the
great endeavour of researchers and engineers to develop novel network technologies
that make networks more reliable and compatible as well as sustainable.

These activities include Software Defined Network (SDN), Cloud Computing, Open Mobile
Network, UHD (Ultra High Definition Television) Transmission Experiment, and Contents
-sharing-based IPTV Platform and many more.

Relevant materials for activities in Future Internet & New Technologies

Case Study
Image Subject Download Date
OpenFlow - enabled SDN testbed over TEIN (2013.8) 2018-03-05
[Case Study] CONNECT (Cable Operators Neutral Network Exchange for Community Transformation/2019.02) 2019-10-07
[Case Study] Distributed and Cloud-based Network Defense System for NRENs (2019.02) 2019-10-07
[Case Study] IoTcloudServe@TEIN (2019.02) 2019-10-08
[Case Study] OF@TEIN+ (2019.02) 2019-10-08
[Case Study] Bridging the Digital Divide (2019.02) 2019-10-10
Image Subject Download Date
[Poster] Global Testbed for New Technologies 2018-03-05