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Workshop on Virtualization and Cloud Computing for NREN Engineers

When: 25~28 November, 2019.Where: UGC Auditorium, UGC Bhaban, Agargaon, Dhaka – 1207, BangladeshWorkshop on Virtualization and Cloud Computing for NREN Engineers is going to take place at BdREN under Asi@Connect. The objective of the workshop is to train the NREN engineers on implementation and administration of cloud system and provide respective services to the member institutions. First two days of the program, the certified experienced trainer will share details theoretical knowledge on Cloud Computing System Architecture, equipment and virtualization technologies and VMware Horizon. Participants will be enlightened by the respective hands-on lab experience. BdREN engineer will explain the Data Center virtualization technologies (Compute virtualization, Network virtualization and Storage virtualization) and demonstrate installation and operation of Openstack cloud environment. BdREN is providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Storage as a Service and Backup as a Service to its member institution and the details of its administration and operation will be demonstrated during this workshop including its Data Loss Prevention(DLP) strategy. Through this workshop, participants will be benefitted experiencing the lab and live operational experience on virtualization and cloud computing. Topic of Virtualization and Cloud Computing for NREN EngineersIntroduction to Virtualization and Cloud ComputingCloud System Architecture and EquipmentIntroduction to Virtualization Technology: VMware HorizonBdREN Cloud System and Data Center visit at UGCCreating and Managing Virtual machinesVMware Horizon Hands-on-Lab ExercisevSphere VMware Horizon Desktops Horizon Client OptionsCreating Automated Pools of Full Virtual MachinesManaging VMware Horizon Authentication and SecurityData Centre Virtualization (Compute and Network)Data Centre Virtualization (Storage and SAN)Cloud System AdministrationOverview of Cloud ComputingIntroduction of OpenStackOpenStack LabIntroduction to Cloud Data Protector and BackupHP Data Protector and Backup library (Demonstration) 

2019-11-25 ~ 2019-12-28
SEA-HAZEMON@TEIN Workshop on Internet of Things and Air Pollution Monitoring

○ When: September 16 – 20, 2019○ Where: intERLab, AIT, Pathumthani , Thailand ○ Organizer: Thailand Research and Education NetworkThe SEA-HAZEMON@TEIN Workshop on Internet of Things (IoTs) and Air Pollution support by Asi@connect. The project under the 3rd call of Asi@Connect program organized by Thailand Research and Education Network.The workshop focuses on the advancement of Internet of Things (IoTs) technology with hands on lab sessions. A side project meeting is also organized for all SEA-HAZEMON@TEIN project members to report progress on sensor deployment and discuss about relevant project activities. To introduce IoT related technology, SEA-HAZEMON platform and deployment guidelines. As a kick-off activity of the project, the workshop will bring all members and partners together in order to familiarize everyone on the technology and the framework of the project, SEA-HAZEMON Platform will be introduced. Hands-on training on how to join the platform and basic data analysis and follow up the progress on the site survey activity and Network design to the SEA-HAZEMON testbed area. Background of IoT, network, cloud and fog architecture as well as the state-of-the-art updates will be presented by invited international collaborators. • The side meeting relevant to the SEA-HAZEMON@TEIN project: 16 September 2019 • The IoT workshop: 17-20 September 2019For more information please visit 

2019-09-16 ~ 2019-09-20
Extending Asian Soundscape Monitoring Network and Moving Towards Open Science Platform

○ When: 2019/9/23-25○ Where: University of Philippines Cebu○ Program: attachedMarine soundscape is a collection of environmental sound, biological sound, and anthropogenic noise. Recent studies show that the dynamics of marine ecosystem can be investigated by monitoring the change of marine soundscape. Asian Soundscape is the first open data platform of soundscape in Southeast Asia. A training workshop of soundscape information retrieval will be hold during Sep 23-25, 2019 under the support of Asi@Connect Project and University of Philippine Cebu. In this training workshop, marine ecological researchers from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Philippines will be invited to discuss the application of soundscape information retrieval in the analysis of marine soundscape. Besides, this workshop will promote the open tool of soundscape information retrieval, and encourage future collaborations between ecological and information science.

2019-09-23 ~ 2019-09-25
2019 Asi@Connect Workshop

○ Date: Sep 6th – 7th, 2019 ○ Venue: Hotel Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta, Indonesia ○ Program: 2 Sessions          Day 1- Medical Workshop          Day 2 – Radiopharmacist, Technologist/Physicist Workshop   ○ Participants: 8 Speakers from Korea (SNU, SNUH, CNUH)             3 Speakers from Indonesia             Approximately 100 participants will join the workshop.   ○ Purpose 1)    To provide deep insight of nuclear medicine into the latest development in the field 2)    To educate next-generation leaders and nuclear medicine scientists taking advantage of the        connected infra structure of research/education networks  

2019-09-06 ~ 2019-09-07
TRANSITS Train the Trainer (CSIRT)

○ When: September 8-9, 2019○ Where: Movenpick Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand (collocated with APNIC48 Conference)○ Organizer: GÉANT TRANSITS Train the Trainer is the 5th and last activity of the CSIRT Capacity Building in Asia project, led by GÉANT. In the past two years, 60 funded participants from 15 beneficiary countries attended TRANSITS I trainings and shared their experiences at the CSIRT in Asia meetings, collocated with APAN Conferences. The final activity will bring 10 of the attendees that are planning to run CSIRT trainings themselves together for a bespoke Train the Trainer event, created especially for this project and taken the specifics of the region into consideration. The aim of this training is to provide the participants the support needed in designing, planning and executing a CSIRT training, using the TRANSITS I materials. The participants will be expected to actively take part, invited to contribute and co-create during the course.The training is designed and will be led by Irina Mikhailava, Head of Learning and Development (GÉANT).

2019-09-08 ~ 2019-09-09
DLE Course on Ethical Hacking

○ When: September 9 Sep – 2 Oct 2019○ Organizer: BdRENThis course provides the foundational knowledge needed to ethically and effectively discover and exploit vulnerabilities in systems by assuming both the mindset and toolset of an attacker. The objective of conducting this course is not to create hackers but to protect the system from the perpetrators. It is taken for granted that without having the proper expertise of how hackers do hack, it is obvious that orchestrating remedial measures will be an unrealistic dream. Hence, to protect individual’s system and improve organization’s security, this course will work as a foundation. It will not be realistic to take that by doing a 4 (four) week course all the techniques and tools of hacking will be discovered. The motto of the course should not be over emphasized.Realistically, it is undeniable that by attending the course and following the assignments and contents the participants will have the interest and the confidence to understand and face the threat from preliminary level of hacking. Moreover, the course will arouse the interest in the participants to move forward and attend more advanced courses on ethical hacking.What you will learn?o To start thinking and looking at your network through the eyes of malicious attackers.o To understand the motivation of an attacker.o To protect infrastructure from not only outside attackers but also attackers within your company. The terminology used by attackerso The difference between "hacking" and "ethical hacking"o The phases of hackingo The types of attacks on a system, what skills an Ethical Hacker needs to obtaino Types of security policieso Why Ethical Hacking is essentialo How to roam around the hacking worldo To know who is a "hacker" and what are the biggest security attack vectorso How to identify vulnerableo How to defend attackso How to apply ethical hackingFor more information:  

2019-09-09 ~ 2019-10-02
Performance Evaluation of DLE Application System

○ When: August 27 – 28, 2019 ○ Where: BdREN, Dhaka, Bangladesh○ Organizer: Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN)  This Workshop has been designed to collect feedback, analyze the feedbacks, assess the positives and negatives of thedigital seminars and distance learning courses that have been conducted and to find out ways of improvement, if any. Inaddition to that the proceedings of the digital seminar that took place will be placed to the audience by CEO, BdREN for open discussion. Moreover, the progress of the project so far will be discussed and scrutinized. At the same time, the roadmap of the project in accomplishing future activities will be discussed and feedback will be collected from the representatives of the beneficiary countries.The event will be participated by representatives from ThaiREN, NREN, DrukREN and LEARN. Instructor is Erik Kikkenborg from NORDUnet. In addition to that, there are 10 local participants in the workshop.Course on “Cyber Security” and certificates and rewards will be awarded to the recipients. For more information:      

2019-08-27 ~ 2019-08-28
Asi@Connect Bhutan Launch Ceremony

○ When: August 20 – 21, 2019 ○ Where: Le Meridien Hotel, Thimphu, Bhutan○ Organizer: DITT of MoIC Bhutan/DrukEN The  Department of Information Technology and Telecom (DITT) under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) is very delighted and honored to host “Asi@Connect Launch Event and Technical Workshop on Network Management and Application” at Le Meridien in Thimphu, Bhutan from 20 to 21 August 2019.Asi@Connect Launch Event and Workshop on Network Management and Application will be held in the following format (see Programme Agenda):Launching ceremony of DrukREN Connectivity to TEIN and Global R&E Network will be observed on the 1st day followed by Techinical Session on Telemedicine. Live Streaming of Endoscopy will be arranged during the technical session.Asi@Connect Launch Event and Technical Workshop on Network Management and Application will conclude on the 2nd day with half-day programme on: “NREN Activities”, followed by session on Network Management.For Full program and event information:

Asi@Connect National Launch Event in Vietnam

○ When: August 15 – 16, 2019 ○ Where: Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel & NASATI Office, Hanoi Vietnam○ Organizer: NASATI/VinaREN National Agency for Science and Technology Information(NASATI) will hold the Asi@Connect National Launch Event on 15-16 August 2019 in Hanoi. The launch event may representatives from the Delegation of European Union to Vietnam along with honorable guests of the diplomats from the Embassy of Asi@Connect partner countries. Also VinaREN members will take place together to celebrate local project inauguration. The event will combined with the Eduroam workshopto facilitate VinaREN and TEIN collaboration. For more information can be found at attached program.  

2019-08-15 ~ 2019-08-16
IPv6 Deployment Workshop, Laos

○ When: August 12 – 16, 2019 ○ Where: National University of Laos, Lao PDR○ Organizer: Lanka Education and Research Network (LEARN)  The IPv6 Deployment Workshop as the first workshop of the project, Uplifting Resources to Deploy IPv6, DNS/DNSSEC, identity access management and monitoring of the network performance and its security, will be held on 12th – 16th August 2019 at National University of Laos.  This workshop has been designed for engineers and technical staff at the Universities and R&E networks. In building the capacity of technical knowledge of regional NRENs, LEARN in collaboration with Royal University of Bhutan, Lao Education and Research Network (LERNET) and APNIC organizes this workshop. Further, this will facilitate the NREN engineers from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.  For more information, please visit : 

2019-08-12 ~ 2019-08-16