Asi@Connect Project runs Call for Proposals to award sub-granted projects to achieve the following objectives:

well-functioning, resilient and high capacity, Internet connectivity network,

increase the number of higher education institutions connected to Asi@Connect,

growth in volume of traffic over the network,

increase the number of network-enabled research and education collaborations,

more people with access to the Internet generally and remote areas in particular.

The sub-granted projects are categorized under the following Work Packages (WP) 2 to 6, and detailed information of each sub-granted project can be found at WP pages.

WP2 - Capacity Development of Developing Country NRENs

Enhance the capacity of developing country NRENs to manage their own national R&E networks and in promoting international R&E collaboration.

WP3 - R&E Network Design & Operations and associated capacity development

Develop local network engineering expertise in developing country university IT departments and NRENs, also seeking to promote national investment for renovating campus networks and NREN facilities.

WP4 - Deployment of Specialized Network Products, Services and Applications and Associated Capacity Development

Provide advanced network engineering products/services and associated training/capacity development to Asi@Connect partners

WP5 - Promoting Asi@Connect-enabled Research and Education Collaboration for Societal Benefit

Identify and assess new collaborations, and the scaling-up of existing collaborations that directly benefit people in developing countries.

WP6 - Helping to Bridge the Digital Divide in Developing Countries

Create opportunities to build regional and national infrastructures and capacity to address the digital divide in countries such as Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, The Philippines and Pakistan.