Who uses the TEIN network?

The TEIN Network provides a dedicated high-capacity data-communications network for research and education communities across Asia-Pacific.
It operates at speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

With westbound links to GÉANT, its pan-European counterpart, TEIN offers direct high-speed intercontinental connectivity.
Users get the shortest and hence fastest possible network routes for their data traffic from and to Europe, which significantly improves the performance
of many network applications.

TEIN supports data-intensive, time-critical applications between collaborating partners, but can equally be used to provide fast access to conventional
web-based resources from all over the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

Use of the network for collaborative applications is growing rapidly. The TEIN Network provides Asia-Pacific with a gateway for global collaboration,
enabling more than 55 million users at over 15,000 research and academic centres across the region to participate in joint projects with their peers in
Europe and other parts of the world.

How to connect to TEIN

University / research institution

If you are a university or research institution wishing to connect and benefit from the TEIN network, please make a request to your local national
research and education network (NREN).

R&E network links in Asia-Pacific and to Europe

Through the procurement and deployment of high-speed internet connections across Asia-pacific regions, the TEIN network delivers excellent user
experience to society by enabling research communities in 24 TEIN partners. TEIN*CC works closely with users to provide the best solution for their project.
TEIN supports mobility, Cloud Computing, sensor, content delivery, Future Internet and other novel technologies and partners can select the bandwidth and
performance in accordance with their needs.